With the arrival of the summer, many people put on beautiful clothes, your skin is exposed to the air, the same sparkling white skin makes you look more, if your skin slants black, red, brown´╝îwhat should you do ?Don't worry, you can buy 100% original gluta lapunzel ultimate whitening capsules.Of course,besides that, you can try other ways,such as eat fruit and vegetables,Your skin will become more white.

One,Lemon is a good fruit,It contains rich vitamin C and calcium, is an extremely good beauty protects skin to taste, not only can eat lemon, also can be used on the skin surface, main effect is: remove spots, moist skin, eliminate fatigue and whitening the skin.

Two, Cherry a kind of beauty of fruit,It can be very good resistance to the formation of melanin,Fresh cherry contains protein, iron, sugar, and carotene, cherry iron content is 20 times as much as apple, pear 30 times, eat more cherry can let the skin become more smooth and elastic.

Three,Watermelon is a kind of very good fruit, not only has a cosmetic effect, still can supply enough water, the watermelon juice is rich in amino acids. These ingredients to the skin has a good effect.

100% Original Gluta Lapunzel
  • Jul 22, 2016
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